Surfing Inner City Strife again!

I took two of the keeners down with me this time, Nick and Joel. We met up with Stephen, Jeremy and Todd in Watertown for two days of big wave fun!!! I was sick on Thursday and Friday with a cold, and then Friday night Stephen caught some sort of stomach flu and spent the night in and out of the cabin that Tommy Gunn graciously put us up in for the weekend. What a great guy!

Stephen didn’t paddle on Saturday, but the rest of us did. Matt came down from Ottawa also and met up with us. Then Sunday morning Jeremy woke up feeling like crap. I got some good rides, and as soon as Stephen pulled out the camera, I was able to consistently miss the wave like 4 times in a row, even though I had caught it every time up until then!! Inner City was packed on Sunday!! A bunch of folks came down from Montreal, and a bunch up from Rochester, not including Rob who drove up to meet us from New Hampshire, Jamie who came from… well I’m not sure where he came from, but it wasn’t around here. Jeremy from Pennsylvania, and of course Stephen who was the h-coreiest person and flew up from Tennessee!

Eventually I was back in my game and got 2 awesome rides in a row, did some spins and decided to call it a day. Even though it was the second last weekend of November, the sun was shining and it was relatively warm. I only got one ice-cream headache!!!
There are some awesome pics, but I have to wait until Stephen has Internet back in Rock Island to post them.

Now I’m back in Ottawa, back in school mode. Less than two weeks until I will be in the tropics of Tennessee!!

Here is a link to Stephen’s article:

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