On Swimming….

There was a lot of talk last night at dinner about swimming. My “Welcome to Rock Island Ride” yesterday was the subject of much cheering and awe! The people who saw it couldn’t believe I hung on that long, and the people who weren’t, couldn’t belive that I didn’t swim. The hole face-surfed me for a while and then proceeded to spin me around and around for about 45 seconds! Whenever I felt air on my face I would take in a huge gulp of air and then prepare for more thrashing. Stephen thinks I was windowshaded about 6 times before I finally flushed. I have figured out how to get myself back upright when getting worked, but usually don’t have time to balance myself before the hole lays the smackdown on me again. After this ride though, I slowly started to feel pretty bad, I felt tightness in my ribcage, like heartburn but lower. I imagine it was mostly due to me taking in huge gulps of air. For a while I was keeled over on the edge of the river, and it definately got worse before it got better.

My last swim was in August when I had my paddle ripped out of my hands while getting worked in Left-Side on the Ottawa River. Before that, I swam in June. I was then informed by Stephen that the time I was ferrying across to the Lorne take-out with no skirt on and took on water counted as a swim. So… this year I swam 4 times. Once on the Madawaska where I flipped, froze, tried to roll and failed. That was in March. The water is WAY too cold then. Once in June, once with no skirt on, and once in August. My claim to fame is that I did not swim on the Lower Gauley with a head concussion. lol
Which probably means there is no reason for me to swim anywhere else. Especially since I have a combat roll and a good handroll.
Stephen has been paddling 8 years and has only swam twice. Makes me sick. 😀

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