Pool Session in Philadelphia

Stephen and I were spending a few days in Wilkes-Barre this weekend and were looking for something to do. I posted on a few boards, and finally received an email from a member of the Philadelphia Canoe Club. Sue told me that they were having a 3 hour pool session in Philly today, and that I’d be more than welcome to join them.
We drove to the pool from W-B which took about 2 hours with the Philly traffic, and as we pulled in to the parking lot, I told Stephen to go ask the people in the truck ahead of us where to bring in the boats. It was Jared Seiler and his dad! I don’t think I even knew he was from Philadelphia.

Jared got Stephen to do a mini clinic for the first part of the pool session, and we spent our time working through the steps to get our double-pumps. I’ve only managed to get up with a double-pump maybe 3 times since Devon Barker gave me pointers in September, the rest of the time I do my “plowing ender bowstall”.
Well after going through these drills, I was starting to get up. I made it up to a bow stall a couple of times, and then started getting 2 ends of a cartwheel! This was pretty exciting for me and I wanted to keep practising.

The rest of the night was spent practising double pumps, hand rolls, no paddle rocking on edge, getting Sue vertical, and taking photos with my disposable waterproof camera that I had bought for a potential raft trip down the Upper Gauley, which never happened. Hopefully I got a good shot of Stephen flatwater looping as well.

Soon, the 3 hours was up and we were getting kicked out of the pool. The session was a lot of fun, and the club seemed like they really loved getting in their boats (The also do Sunday morning rodeo and roll lessons). If you’re in the area or just want to check it out, the website is: http://www.philacanoe.org

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