First 2007 day on a Canadian River!

River: Petawawa
Level: 2.5 m
Paddlers: Phitty, Me

Well I did it!

After hmmming and hawwwing all day about how cold it was going to be and how I wasn’t going to enjoy paddling this early (it was -30 C with the windchill earlier this week), I broke down and went paddling. Phil wanted to go, and well, I couldn’t let him paddle alone? Park n Play at the Petawawa Town Section it would be then.

I got to the park early, and walked along the ‘catwalk’ to check out the river. I looked at the massive ice still 15 feet out, huge undercuts and floating ice chunks and doubted I would get on the river.

I walked down to the wave/hole dubbed Catwalk. It looked a lot better. It was wide open and the pool below was free of ice. Phil showed up and noted the level was lower than he thought it would be, but we should do it anyway.

It made it up to +10 or so today, and the sun was shining. The air wasn’t going to be a problem. Phil went first, surfed a little mini wave and then surfed a wide one below. When it was my turn, I shimmied my boat along the ice to the river and dropped in. I caught the wave, surfed for a second and flipped. It was Ice Cream Headache x 50! BRRRRR!

We dropped down to Catwalk, and spent the next hour or so surfing and spinning. Phil’s cartwheels hit bottom it was so shallow! I had a few really good rides, boasting a couple of spins, and one stern-squirt-in-the-hole.

I can’t wait until all the ice clears and the Petawawa rears it’s massive head! And right outside my office too! I am going to start bringing my boat to work everyday!


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