World Freestyle Kayaking Championships

The Opening Ceremonies were tonight. I don’t have any photos right now, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some from those who had cameras. It was kind of exciting, each country gathered together and then one by one we marched around and into the amplitheatre. The Canadian Team had to wait and we cheered on every other country as they went by. It was a little weird since we all knew each other and had paddled together, so we were yelling out people’s names and cheering each other on! Once the last country went by and into the amplitheatre, they announced the host country and we Canadians marched down in front of everyone waving our Canadian flags. Speeches came next, and then some ‘Canadian’ Entertainment (namely a bunch of people from Niagara Falls doing a song and dance in lumberjack outfits).

Billy fixed my motorcycle for me today and I was psyched to get back on it and take it for a spin, so I ended up taking Jeremy on it to WT and then back in the dark. I am still a bit uncomfortable riding at night (and with wet roads from an impromtu rainstorm), but we made it back safe and sound.

I have been doing my best at training for the squirt event. Sometimes I feel as if I’m a poser since I only got in a squirt boat a few weeks ago, I have been trying very hard to get as many moves as I can. One day we were out there and I just wasn’t having fun anymore, trying to sink my boat and remember all the movements to be able to do it. After a bit I took a break and then decided to just flop around and let my body feel and figure out the movements on its own instead of trying to remember step-by-step what I had to do to get the boat to do the things that I wanted it to. I still shriek when I am able to sink my boat and I laugh when I do cartwheels. It will be fun tomorrow, and a great experience even if I finish last.

I am thinking ahead to the 2009 World Championships, and what I need to do in order to be good enough to maybe make the K1 team or good enough to medal in squirt. It’s kind of exciting to think that in 2 years (which is reasonable if I continue at the same rate I have been) I could be able to throw moves and paddle at a level that I never thought I would attain.

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