I’m Getting Married…..

To Corner Wave on the Ottawa River, because I love it so much! But don’t worry, it’s an open relationship, I will share it with the rest of you!
River: Ottawa
Level: 3.5ish
Paddlers: Me, Carly Harris, Billy Harris, Sandro Spreiter, Luke Newuinhuis, Lisa Utronki, Melissa, Nicole Whiting, Craig, and a whole lot of others!
Lucky me got the afternoon off work, so as soon as Carly got home from teaching little kiddies, we went down to McKoys to play! I know you’re probably thinking ‘there’s no way Billy and Carly Harris would hang out with Jen’, but it’s true! They get to stay at my house in exchange for pretending to be my friend! It’s an awesome deal! Hee hee.

Luke likes his Kool-Aid: Oh Yeah!
Photo: Carly Harris

I have never surfed Corner Wave, but wanted to give it a try, knowing that I would likely miss the eddy and have to paddle down. Billy and Carly gave me some hints on how to get on, and how to catch the eddy and out I went!

Sandro throwing down!
Photo: Carly Harris

It’s true, I saw Billy Harris in person!

Photo: Carly Harris

This wave was unlike anything I had ever surfed before. It was so smooth and fast. I hopped out on it, carved back left and just started spinning! It was so easy! I think I got about three fast smooth spins before I flushed off. When I was backsurfing, I had to look up at the green of the wave. It was so steep that all I could see was a wall of water!


Photo: Carly Harris

I am going to stop there, except to say that I surfed it 4 more times, all resulting in me screaming for joy and spinning my brains out! I also got in a lot of surfs at Right-Side, working my clean spins, and a few fun, fast Left-Side surfs!

Jenny CornerWave

Photo: Carly Harris

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