The Level is Dropping….

River: Ottawa
Level: 1.5 feet
Paddlers: Me, Sharky, Chris

Met up with Sharky after work and decided to run the river. The river was at a weird level with not much play, so we thought we’d brush up on our river-running skills. When we got to McKoys, we realized that the level was actually lower than we thought! Corner Wave was sweet and we stayed there for a while before reluctantly heading down the main channel. We managed to convince Chris to come along with us, and off we went.

We tried to catch Garb, Waikiki and Chopping Block on the fly and then hung out at Brain Douche for a little while. The level still needed to drop a little bit for whirlpool fun, but it was already too low for mystery move fun. I got one sweet whirlpool ride with about 3 rotations upside down in the vortex before popping out! My drytop was completely vaccuum-sealed against my arms!

Normans and Coliseum was big fun, and while Sharky went down Centre Slot, I chickened out at the last minute and did an awesome hero move over to Dog’s Leg, missing the hole by mere miliseconds! We practised rock splats and boofs and then arrived at Blacks.

I knew Right-Side Blacks was going to be better than it was on Sunday when I ran the river, but the level must have dropped lower than I thought! We stayed there until we were too tired to roll! It was right between a wave and a hole, and sometimes would green out into a wave and then a second later, crash into a steep looping hole. We worked on our loops there for quite some time!

Sweet day on the river for sure!

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