My Back…

Either I pulled a muscle between my ribs and my lungs, or I’m having a heart attack. Don’t worry I’m 100% sure it’s the muscle. And no, I won’t joke about that, my dad passed away almost 3 years ago of a massive heart attack.

It’s this feeling I’ve never experienced before. The pain in my back left me lying on my hardwood floor, kind of moaning.

But besides all that, I stepped it up another notch today.

I think the level was about 3.5 and Right-Side was incredible. I decided that nothing bad could happen to me in right-side and was throwing a flury of loops, windowshades to surf, carves, spins, whatever I could try that would stick. People were cheering from shore. I don’t care if my moves were sloppy, I was really testing the waters today so-to-speak. figuring out what I can do.

Laura, Barry and I ran the river after spending a few hours at Right-Side. The rest of the river was fun as usual, we got a few surfs in at Blacks but were so beat that we decided to call it a day.
Then I went home to lie on the floor and finally acknowledge the pain under my ribs.
Went to a friend’s birthday party, drank some wine and all of a sudden it felt a lot better. We’ll see tomorrow

Goodnight and SYOTR

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