Summer of Discontent

Only because I didn’t get out in my kayak as much as I would have liked to.
I will update with a couple of trips (including one to the Seven Sisters on the Rouge), as soon as I get photos from friends, since my computer hard drive crashed so bad I lost every photo of my kayaking. 😦

Yesterday, I took my friend Jaron down to the river in a borrowed boat, determined to teach him to roll. He was doing awesome and his first roll attempt he was all the way up, but lifted his head first and ended up falling back over.
I took him down the Middle Channel at -2 on the gauge and he had a blast! We managed to get him down the whole river, only swimming once, having never been in a kayak before! He was even able to punch the hole at the bottom of Butterfly and the hole at the bottom of the Garvin’s Waves with ease!! I was so proud!

On Wednesday I am heading down to West ‘By God’ Virginia for 2+ weeks of kayaking, chillaxin’, camping, hiking and maybe some disc gold. Look for my next posts live from Cathedral Cafe in Fayetteville, WV!


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