US National Championships

I won’t talk about placements in this update.

Jared Seiler (Pyranha) is very easy to photograph…

It was a good event, the features were equipped with spotlights for when the sun went down. First time we’ve had an event where the sunset didn’t matter!

Jeremy Laucks (Pyranha) goin’ big

I helped Kristine all day with scoring and tallying. During the finals rides I got to sit up at the front, take the scores from the 5 judges, knock off the highest and lowest, then relay the middle three to Kristine. At the end of each round, the competitor order was reset according to score (highest scoring paddler going last). Once they figured out the system it seemed to work well.

The scribes I sat with were US Army Veterans who had gotten involved in the Team River Runners. Part of their rehab was provided by kayakers who volunteer their weekends to teach vets how to kayak. These guys had lost limbs in Iraq. I was honoured just to be sitting next to them and scoring with them. If you live in this area and can help in any way, look into this:

Seth Chapelle (Fluid) looping his C1

There was an after party with $1 beers ($0.99 beers for us Canadians!) and prizes even given out to non-competitors.

Today is also the day I became an official Regional Team Paddler for Jackson Kayak. Look for my bio and cool write-ups on their website soon!


Dane Jackson making the grown C1ers cry…

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