Low Water Upper Gauley

What do you do in betwen Gauley releases? Run it anyway!

Jeremy and I decided to run the Upper Gauley anyway at 800 cfs (vice the normal 2800 cfs). We ran shuttle, grabbed our creeky boats and headed downriver in anticipation of low water boof ledges and waterfalls.
Well we were pretty disappointed. The big scary rapids had been reduced to mediocre class II rock gardens. Pillow was a manky slide, the Room of Doom almost non-existent.

Jeremy in the Room of Doom, now with More Room, Less Doom

Jeremy paddled into the Room and noticed that the walls were scribbled with blue plastic. Someone in a blue boat got completely obliterated in there at one point. If it was you, send me an email, I’d love to know the story!

The mail slot was now a slot to balcony (there’s a wide rock on the downstream side of the slot), Don’t come in here Jen!

Neither of us lost our paddles at Lost Paddle, Jeremy ran the crack at Iron Ring upside down and I flipped on the hole and rolled up in time to run the last drop (a 5ft chute) backwards. Our excitement for the day!

Jeremy scouting Iron Ring

Sweets was a no-brainer, dildo rock was to be avoided, and now we could see why.

Yes! I made it!

The rest of the river we attempted every crack and ledge we could, often getting stuck. At the end, I tried to get Jeremy to give me a high fiiiive (a la Borat) for a successful run down the river, but he just wasn’t as excited to make it out alive as I was.

He was even less excited when I told him I forgot the key to the truck at the put-in and when I finally showed him that I had it, he felt the need to push me out of my boat into the water. Not nice Jeremy!

Jeremy and I giving each other a high fiiiive!

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