Squirtboats Make me Cry…

…and wail and shriek and complain about how much my legs/feet/abs/thighs/brain hurts.
But dang it looks cool!

Jeremy is the squirt master.

Jeremy and I took my newly chopped boat out to low-water Halls of Karma on the New, but the boat just hurt too much. So we were on a new mission to make it less painful for me. So what did we do? We altered my neoprene socks, adding a foam donut so the fiberglass boat crushing my foot knuckles didn’t hurt so much. We also put a wood block in the bow to try and raise it a little (quick fix for an over-chopped boat).

The things we’ll do to fit in the smallest squirtboat….

Resting my everything! The face of a squirtboater right there.

Finally my boat didn’t hurt half as much anymore and we were ready to try it out!

Feels good so far!

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