H2O Paddle Testing at Pushbutton

River: Ottawa

Level: -3.5
Date: 21 Oct 07
Paddlers: Billy, Carly, Corey, Me

After packing up all my lawn furniture because I’m leaving for Costa Rica soon, I decided to catch up with my roommates at Pushbutton. I’m not a big fan of PB at this low level, but it’s great for Jenny Right-Side front surfing!

Billy and Carly had their brand new H2O paddles and were giving them some vigorous testing. These paddles are just getting lighter and lighter and stronger and stronger. I haven’t used any other paddle since I snapped my paddle (by another company) on Buseater in June. I’m really enjoying the feel of the paddles and the power of the blades.

I also brought out my new camera to see if I could figure it out a bit more. I really should read the instruction manual. (Mental note: if you’re going to use the Auto setting on a Digital SLR, you might as well spend $500 less and get a little point-and-shoot). I spent some time playing with the shutter speed and aperture, and manged to get a couple of awesome shots!

Enjoy! Next update will probably be from Costa Rica!

Carly Donkeyflips!

Corey’s going for a Pepsi sponsorship…

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