Peak UK Creek Top How-to (with special cameo by Billy Harris)

I am super stoked to give this drytop a try, especially now that we aren’t chasing rain, but right in the middle of it.

Now I’m not a stupid person at all, but when I received my Crick Top the other day my emotions went from ‘YES!!’ to ‘my brain is too fried from a long day at work to figure this out’.

I was staring at a dry top and 5 pieces of unmarked, unlabelled armour.
I figured everyone else who bought a Peak Crick Top had no problems at all putting it together, and that it was just because I was blonde. That is, until I found out that Peak had received MANY emails asking about where the armour pads go etc.
So I decided to do something about the confusion! Write a How-To Article!!

How to get your Peak Creek Top ready for some Gnar Gnar

1. When you receive your Crick Top, you will receive a drytop, 1 small armour pad (fig A), 2 longer armour pads with a flat end and rounded bottom (fig B) and 2 longer armour pads with pointy ends and flat bottom (fig D).

2. The small single piece of armour (fig A) is for the upper spine, and velcros onto the inside of the drytop. Slide the piece of armour between the latex neck gasket and the neoprene outer gasket.

3. The two pieces of armour with the rounded bottoms (fig B) are your elbow pads. They slide into a pocket on the arm, and are attached with velcro to the inside. These ones might need to be squeezed in and then flattened out as the fit is tight.

4. The last two pieces of armour (fig D) are your shoulder pads, and they slide in between the latex and neoprene neck gaskets as well. The are attached with the provided velcro once inside.

5. Now you’re done! Your top is ready to go over the gnarliest drop you can find! (Which I am hoping to do this weekend on the Oxtongue River).

6. One final test before you get on the river is to give the rockin’ removable armour a go on the nearest test dummy. In my case, a one Billy Harris was loitering around and I had to see if the armour was good. Yes, the armour works great!

* Disclaimer: Billy Harris was not harmed during the making of this How-To Article

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