Day 3: Rio Reventazon

This morning was photo-op extrordinaire. The resort came alive with the sun and I spent the whole morning taking photos of butterflies, spiders, poison dart tree frogs and Costarican flora. It’s really neat coming into the resorts after sunset because you don’t find out where you are of what it really looks like until the next day.

Today we ran the Rio Reventazon near Turrialba. The river was an awesome class II big water boogie with one rapid called Bamboo (with an upper and lower section) that we needed to scout.

Bill looks for his next line

Lower Bamboo had a couple of spots to avoid; an undercut rock on the right, a hole centre, a big rock left and a second munchy hole below the first. There was a far left sneak line and the centre line just to the right of the holes but avoiding the rock.

Linda bombs through Upper Bamboo

Chad and Marzella pick their lines

I took a look at the centre line and no problems visualizing my line so I committed to it. I don’t have that fear of big water holes that others do. My line was ace and for good measure I turned upstream and tried to drop into the second hole. I caught it and immediately flip-flushed.

Happy Birthday Jose!

On the bus ride back we polished off a bottle of Crown Royal to celebrate Jose’s 28th birthday. Jose’s keen eye also noticed a 3-toed sloth on the powerline along the road, so we had to stop and save it (naturally). Unfortunately a soon as we poked it with a paddle, it started moving away from us. Come back sloth! Come back!

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