Day 4: Rio Pacuare

I am in heaven! I am laying on my bed in our room overlooking the jungle and Pacuare River. Outside my room is a steep creek that has cut a 10 foot wide path in the rock down to the river. Marzella is out on our porch in a hammock listening to the rain. On the other side of the river we can barely see the outline of howler monkeys high up in the jungle, jumping limb to limb in the treetops.

The Pacuare River is my favourite so far: clean water, fast rapids and steep jungles! We are doing a 2-day raft supported trip with a stop-over at this Costarican sanctuary.

No mishaps today. We ran rapids, saw toucans, orioles with yellow tails, snakes, and waterfalls. We ate a delicious lunch at the side o the river courtesy of our two rafters Reynaldo and Luis. My shoulders, back and arms are aching, but it’s the good kind of ache that says “Jenny, you just had a wonderfully productive day and are going to sleep like a baby tonight!”

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