Day 5: Rio Pacuare Pt II

Injuries suck. The second day on the Pacuare started off with an amazing breakfast compliments of Jose, Luis and Rey, preceeded by a hike up the steep hills o the rainforest canton. We loaded up our raft and were on our way again.

There was a rapid called Upper and Lower Wukka (sp?), which we found out AFTER means “Indian Cemetery”. The lower part was very tricky and three people walked. he line from shore looked pretty simple to me; follow the tongue just to the right of a hole and then around the second munchy hole by running to the left of it next to a rock wall. Once I was up in the eddy alone, it wasn’t so easy to see the line! The ferry over was difficult and I had to stop and recatch the eddy to try a second time. I hit the first hole and stern-squirted my way into the second. I rolled up t the bottom of the rapid and literally did the whole thing upside down. How embarrassing.

There was another rapid that we didn’t scout, but followed a wave train down, climbed the biggest wave and did a boof stroke off the crest to fly over some rock. My boof was a little too far right and I landing into a seam, pulling off an outstanding mystery move. Me and my boat were completely submerged for at least 5 seconds. While I was down there, I got a rock hit right in the back by my shoulder blades. The muscles stiffened from that point up into my shoulders and into my arm. Every paddle stroke was painful. I kept going though, trying to float most of the rapids and forcing myself to avoid the playspots.

At one spot as we all waited in the eddy as Chad, Joey and Jose surfed, I was feeling pretty sick to my stomach and my shoulder was hurting more. I made the painful decision to ask Rey if I could ride the rest of the way in a raft. This was the most difficult part about running the river as I love boating so much and am absolutely TERRIFIED of rafts.

While Kapu, Fran and the bus were waiting for us at the take-out, construction crews dug up the take-out road. After we got off the river and headed back to the road, we realized that we were completely blocked in by a pile of rock and rubble! After speaking to the construction guys, it was amazing to watch how quickly the bulldozer was able to clear a path for us!

On the way to our hotel for the night, we realized that the bus wouldn’t fit under the bridge tressles. We ended up paying a coffee farmer who drove by to take our kayaks to the resort.

Never a dull moment!

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