Day 9: Makin’ Banana Pancakes, pretend like it’s the weekend now…

This morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast of banana pancakes in Quepos before heading to the dock for our sailboat cruise.

Unfortunately, it was raining and grey… but that didn’t stop us, no! We went out until we found a family of dolphins playing in the ocean. We chased them around for a while. The seas were fairly choppy and I spent the next 30+ minutes lying on my stomach, napping in the lukewarm rain.

We stopped for some snorkelling on the way back and ‘swam with the fishes’. There were hundreds f yellow and blue fish swimming around us. If we dove down a bit by some coral, there were bigger, bluer fish. Someone even saw a Puffer Fish!

While swimming out to the coral, I felt stinging all over my body. Fran suggested it was because I had recently shaved my legs, but then she felt it too! I had little red welts on my arms , side and legs. Jose said it was plankton that did it and we must have swam through a school of them.

This afternoon, Chad, Bill, Linda, Marzella and I took our kayaks out to the beach to give ocean kayak surfing a try. We learned to give each wave a boof stroke to get over and farther out. When a good wave was starting, we’d paddle hard toward shore to try and catch it, just like on a surfboard. Once on it, it was important to rudder and carve back and forth. The waves formed more into hole like features closer to shore and I was able to spin and cartwheel my way in. I even accidentally Donkey Flipped in the foam pile!

It was just important to avoid flipping as a face full of sand was not ideal…

Marzella and I practiced our wave wheels and Marz got one that was textbook perfect (if there was a textbook on how to wave wheel)!

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