ASCI Course as you’ve never seen it before!

I found I was having a difficult time finding friends to paddle with on Easter weekend. Something about spending time with family or something….

I spent Saturday outfitting my boats, and cleaning out my truck, made a stop for dinner with a friend in VA, and continued on in my search for whitewater. I found myself in Friendsville, MD within spitting distance of the Yough, Big Sandy, Cheat and Tygart.

My friend John Mason is hanging his hat here for a few weeks, building sprayskirts and taking care of his business at the Upper Yough takeout. He had never seen the ASCI Course, and I was wondering when they were going to open for the spring.

So we drove up the mountain and took a look-see. It was exciting to see the same course I had navigated last fall without any water. It was very interesting to see how the course was built and what the waveshapers actually looked like.

So here’s a refresher of what the ASCI course looks like WITH water: Disneyworld of Kayaking

Now, the behind the scenes look at the whitewater course in the winter/early spring 🙂

The first waveshaper

The river

The riverbed

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