High Water Ottawa and Cherry Popping…

Kate checking out Garvins at 20

Uh…. yeah…. okay….


I was back home this weekend to pick up boats, attend a farewell for a friend, and to check out the Ottawa River at 20 feet.

Sharky, Anna and Joel getting ready to put-in

Sharky, Anna, Joel and I decided to hit the middle, and it was both Anna and my first 2008 run down the Ottawa. The weather started off great, the water was cool and the water was pumping!

Me running Little Trickle at 20

Photo by Sharky

The highest I had ever run the river was 17, and it was a lot of fun so I was psyched to see the river even higher. We enjoyed catching Satlers on the fly, running Little Trickle and avoiding the HUGE boof/pour-over/recirculation of death, looking and leaving Butterfly alone, surfing the Garvins waves, losing our stomachs on the 11-foot tall wave train on Upper No-Name and wondering where Black Velvet went….

Sharky and Anna

Me playing on the second wave and holding my breath?

Photo by Anna Pirko

What a great day. In fact it was so much fun I went back out the next day with Bryson and Kate. This was Kate’s first 2008 day on the river and the earliest in the season she’s ever been in her kayak. She styled the river and had a great day! Now I’m sunburnt, tired and about to sit in my hot tub before getting a good night’s sleep!

Enjoy the pictures of high-water Ottawa goodness!

Bryson Loves Big Dolly

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