Jenny’s Upper Gauley Cheat Sheet

Disclaimer:  This guide is my personal guide for getting down the Upper Gauley.  I wrote it when I was learning how to lead through instead of following someone else’s lines while trying to remember each rapid and how to avoid pain and suffering.   This cheat sheet should not replace personal scouting and decision-making on this river.  In fact, make your own cheat sheet based on your own scouting and friend’s directions!


stay left (pin rock is right)
Bud’s Boner
rapid goes right then left at riverbank into a drop
stay right or eddy out
big rock and hole in centre of wavetrain that you can’t see
hole top third, stay left
Iron Curtain
surf wave at top
big wave hole
eddy of death
left of wavehole
right of eddy @ right angle
enter from centre eddy at top rock pointed left
go up on 2nd rock
follow green highway
hole on right
drive right behind hole pointed toward river right shore (camera guy)
once past pillow rock, straighten out and drive through waves left of VW rock
Lost Paddle (after Meadow confluence – 2 rapids after Hungry Mother)
1st Drop: big wave trains
2nd Drop: Hawaii 5-0, don’t flip, it’s shallow.  6-pack rock in middle at bottom
3rd Drop: right to left between 2 holes
4th Drop: boof left of rock pointed right (boof line)
Iron Ring
follow wavetrain right until 1st big drop
climb wave at white curler
two more strokes right and miss big hole (Woodstock)
Sweet’s Falls
five feet left of left hump
few feet right of rooster tail off dildo rock

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