Viva Las Vegas!?!

One of the places in the world I have never been is Las Vegas. I never REALLY cared very much if I went or not, but it’s a place known as the city you have to experience at least once in your life. Well, we’ve done it. We booked our trip to Las Vegas, and now I’m getting excited! First of all, we haven’t travelled out of the country in two years due to real estate expenses, but now we are looking forward to getting away. We actually had to check to make sure our passports were still up-to-date!

I’ve been a bit manic about this trip. My husband now wishes he booked it without telling me as a surprise. I’ve been googling “things to do in Las Vegas” and trying to make a list.

So far:

  • David Copperfield 
  • The Strip (obviously, duh!) 
  • Hoover Dam/Grand Canyon (by helicopter at sunrise, hopefully) 
  • Gamble (just a little bit. I hate parting with my money, especially when the odds are I won’t have anything to claim for it!) 
  • Food: my boss told me about a great Brazilian Steakhouse, and my colleague told me to check out Battista’s Hole in the Wall 
  • The Atomic Testing Museum 
  • Maybe a Cabaret show? I watched Burlesque the other day and got it in my head to go to a TASTEFUL Cabaret/Burlesque show. Frontal nudity is okay – any sort of raunch is not.             

If anyone’s been to Vegas and has recommendations, please by all means, comment and let me know what I should NOT miss while I’m there. We’re there for a week!

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