What travel apps make your journey easier?

Before I get started about my Las Vegas adventure, I just wanted to highlight some of my favourite travel apps on the iPhone (I just transferred my blog from Blogger to WordPress, so bear with me as I figure out all the new features!).

In 2009, when we escaped to Belize and Mexico for three weeks, a guy sitting next to me on the plane told me about Trip Case. It’s a really cool app that lets you enter your travel details, and then sends you updates during your journey, such as flight delays, gate changes etc. Obviously, it only works with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. I don’t know if there are better travel apps out there now, but Trip Case is the one I know and like (so far, unless you tell me about a better one!).


You’ll note my phone is in airplane mode. Canadian cell phone providers seem to still be a little behind the times in terms of North American and International plans. One text down here will cost me 75¢! That could add up!!!

Another app that I enjoy is the Camera+ app. It’s the only one I use on a regular basis for all my iPhone photo finishing. I tried Instagram, but now with all the talk going on about them owning and using your photos for commercial purposes without any payment/credit to you, I think I’ll stick with this one.

I keep Trip Advisor Offline City Guides always updated and ready for quick ideas and reviews of the best things to do/see wherever I am.

Thank you Google Maps for making a comeback last week, I was getting frustrated using the Apple maps app!

Oh, and for those Canadian coffee lovers out there, your Canadian Starbucks card works in the U.S.! (… and that includes your Starbucks Canada iPhone App so you can still pay with your phone and keep track of your purchases!)

What are your favourite apps that make your trip/adventure go more smoothly? I’m curious/interested to know if there are others I should be using!

2 thoughts on “What travel apps make your journey easier?

  1. The travel translator for Android (ya… I know) is one of my indispensable apps as it’s full of handy phrases that go way beyond my “dos cervezas por favor”, especially in countries where I’d make a complete botch of pronunciation and a complete boob of myself.

    The other is GPS Tracking Pro, a handy app that let’s the other people in the party (and back home unless Mom is watching!) know where I am – on a map. Awesome, but it does rely on cell data.

    Roaming and data charges – yikes! There is a way to manage those nasty fees, and that’s to purchase a roaming SIM card for your phone – mine costs me $3 per day for unlimited talk and text within the US or back to Canada, or 6 bright pennies per MByte of data. Pop in the SIM and away you go.

    I use the front facing camera as a mirror to check how awful I look after a flight, and to amuse myself by making googly eyes during a flight. Fun…

    Enjoy the trip Jenny

    • Great apps! Thanks! Can you just throw a U.S. SIM card into a locked Canadian cell provider’s phone? I’m with Telus. I’ve heard about locked and unlocked phones but don’t really know the difference?

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