The Hunt for Bloody Mary

First off, disclaimer:  I’m Canadian.  And being Canadian, it means that a Caesar (pretty much a Bloody Mary but made with Clamato juice) is the only red, stuffed-to-the-brim-with-vegetables-and-other-drink-additions I should ever be drinking. Because I’m patriotic that way.

Since I’ve been in the U.S. and discovered that I can’t order Caesars at bars or restaurants, I usually make my own (and I’m pretty proud of them!):


So, when I’m out and aboot, what’s a girl to do?  I’ve slowly given in and begun ordering Bloody Marys. So this is my evergreen blog on where some of the best Bloody Marys can be found!

  • Gondola Pub and Grill
  • Sidewinder Saloon
  • Belle’s Diner
  • Atchafalaya Restaurant


GONDOLA PUB AND GRILL, Steamboat Springs

Their claim to fame is their bacon Bloody Mary. Made with bacon-infused vodka (where can I get this?) and garnished with a strip of delicious crispy bacon. They have a ‘plain’ Bloody Mary they claim to be “the best in town”, but I’ve had both and the Bacon Bloody Mary can’t be beat!



They have a full Bloody Mary menu. They are all great!  My favourite so far is the Carnivore Bloody Mary.  After a morning on the slopes, all you need is this drink and a side salad to fill you up!  This spicy drink comes with a big chunk of medium-rare steak, pepperoni, a pickled pearl onion and a strip of crispy bacon. There is also a Bloody Mary that comes with a shot of beer, which is very good, but nothing like the Carnivore!


BELLE’S DINER, New Orleans

The great thing about Belle’s (and New Orleans in general) is that you can get a delicious, spicy Bloody Mary TO GO!!! We stopped here twice during our trip to New Orleans for ‘walking Bloody Marys’.



Three words:  BLOODY. MARY. BAR.  Yes, that’s right.  Do-it-yourself, make your own Bloody Marys!  What do you want in it? Extra spicy? Green tomato juice? garnishes galore?  You decide!! You start off by ordering the type of vodka you want and they bring it to you in a glass.  The rest is up to you!




One thought on “The Hunt for Bloody Mary

  1. I find the last one the most interesting. The concept of making your own drinks sounds awesome….until a bunch of people get their alcohol infected motor controls on the implements of construction (or destruction).
    Of course that is fun too…..

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