It’s the end of the world as we know it… And I feel fine

Remember Y2K? All electronic equipment and clocks were supposed to go haywire. Everything was going to stop working, putting the globe into chaos!! Oh wait, nothing happened!

I’m curious how many people believed the world was going to end today?

I was checking out Freemont Street last night and came across this chalkboard.


A guy was standing on the sidewalk and offered me some chalk. I asked, “Is this for the end of the world tomorrow?”

He went on with this awesome drunk-guy ramble about how he works for the History Channel and that if the world was going to end, we’d already be feeling it. Earthquakes, rumbles, signs, such as the airport repainting the runway every five days because true north and magnetic north were spreading farther apart. I was able to sleep soundly last night with that knowledge!

Freemont Street was a great experience. Old-time casinos and older, original neon lighting. I blew a whole $6 on the slot machines (I’m a wild woman, I know), and we stopped at the Heart Attack Grill (to buy a t-shirt, not to eat!). I swear I think that chain would be illegal in Canada! With burgers called the “Triple Bypass” I decided to pass and get a salad somewhere else!

Flightlinez at Freemont was a fun $10 over the esplanade, but then tried to sell the photo for $20. Since I’ve zip lined, rappelled and sky dived before, I decided against the photo.


^ The old school lights and casinos were really cool.


^ My first ever slot machine win – big money!


^ Heart Attack Grill. Is this place for real? 350lbs and you eat free?


^ Elmo texting. For some reason, this gave us the giggles!